To order photos, fill out the form below, upload the photos, and we’ll email you when you can pick up the photos.  We print the photos on high-quality Kodak photo paper with the KIS DKS 3 1710 series chemical laboratory.

Formats 10×15cm, 15×21cm are printed with a dot density of 314 dpi, formats 20×30cm and 30×40cm with a dot density of 340 dpi! Suitable file formats have extensions: * .JPG * .BMP * .TIFF * .PNG

Approximate minimum image file sizes for high-quality digital photos:

10X15cm – 200kb (0.2MB)

15X21cm – 500kb (0.5MB)

20X30cm – 1500kb (1.5MB)

30X40cm – 4000kb (4MB)

We also make a photo from a smaller file above, but we cannot guarantee a photo of perfect quality in this case!



MINIMUM ORDER FEE                                                                                                       2€

ALL small orders (1-9 pcs)  10x15cm  photo                                                       0.50

QUICK orders (3 hours) 10x15cm 10+ more photos                                           0.30

ORDERS (1 DAY)        10x15cm 10+ more photos                                                0.21

ORDERS (2 DAYS) 10x15cm 10+ more photos                                                        0.19

See other formats and a more detailed price list here Hinnakiri