Did you know that all old VHS, VHS-C, 8, HI8, Digital8 and other video cassettes can be digitized? If you have videocassettes that contain invaluable memories, then digitizing videocassettes is an opportunity to preserve those memories. Old video cassettes fade with each viewing and copying, as well as standing untouched, and the tape becomes brittle over time. If you want to watch what you have recorded in the future without having to worry about the tape wearing out and the image on it fading, you should digitize the material on the videotape, as the quality of the digitized files will not change over time. Digitizing videos means that we convert the material on the videotape into a digital format (DVD, memory stick, external hard drive, etc., from where you can also download the file to your computer). We save the file in 999×666 resolution mp4 format, one hour of digitized video is about 1GB. The deadline for carrying out the work is about 1 week, depending on the volume.


Transferring old contents of old videotapes to the DVD (1 min)    0.20