We produce document photographs that meet the requirements of the Estonian passport and ID card document photograph. Depending on the volume of work currently in progress, you will receive a document photo in about 15-30 minutes, and if you wish, we will also send you a photo by e-mail.

As it is more difficult than usual to take a suitable documentary photo of infants or young children, an additional fee of 2 € will be added when taking photos of them.


We prepare document photos for passports, ID cards, various visas, pension certificates, weapons permits, student cards, etc.

Dokumendifoto digifail (EV passile, ID kaardile, dokumendile) saadetakse e-maililie 9.90
Dokumendifoto 1- 4 fotot lehel 10.90
Dokumendifoto 6 tk lehel (ainult suurus 3,5 x 4,5) 11.90
Dokumendifoto 1- 4 fotot lehel ja fail andmekandjale 11.90
Dokumendifoto lisakomplekt 4.90
Dokumendifoto kliendi failist 6.50
Imiku pildistamise lisatasu 2.00
Faili töötlus passipildiks 5.00